Precision agriculture is undoubtedly on the rise. Emerging technology like Trellis’ wireless soil moisture sensor system is simplifying farm management and helping farmers #GrowMoreUseLess. To read more about precision agriculture, check out the articles linked in this post! 

  1. Farming: There's an App for That -  This National Geographic article delves into the rise of precision agriculture and addresses the payoff of investing in precision ag technologies.  An easy read with fantastic visual diagrams, this article is insightful and informative. 

  2. Why IoT, big data & smart farming are the future of agriculture - Andrew Meola writes about how the future of agriculture is founded in technological innovation. The article details the impact and importance of soil moisture sensors in addition to more complex precision ag technologies.   

  3. Benefits of Precision Agriculture - This concise article provides an overview of precision agriculture and the significant advantages of investing in agricultural technology.

  4. Precision Farming Increases Crop Yields  - From Scientific American, this article acknowledges the role played by startups in the precision ag movement. Geoffrey Ling and Blake Bextine discuss precision ag as an avenue through which growers can increase yield while reducing the valuable resources - like time and water - needed to do so.